Water with low concentration of contaminants is purified effectively:

for recycling 
for discharging into surface water
for discharging into ground water

Storm water

Cooling water and other operation water

Ground water decontamination

With the
BASE TECH -process the following contaminants can be

by biological degradation:

Mineral oil  (hydro-carbon)
Deicing agent (glycols)
Polycyclic aromatics (PAC)
Nitrogen or sulphur containing aromatics
Inorganic nitrogen compounds (ammonia, nitrate)

by chemical precipitation:

Heavy metals
Sulphur compounds


-plants combine mechanical filtration, chemical precipitation and biological degradation in one purification step. This combined clarification is effective and reduces costs.
Process characteristics:
Directly applicable for fluctuating flow rates and contaminant
concentrations through integrated storage facilities.
Adaptable to different operating conditions, therefore 
high process-stability granted
Easy handling, low servicing costs,
therefore, it is economically sound.

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