BASE TECH disposes of longterm pratical experience with operation and cost development of the Reed-Bed-Process (constructed wetlands) in all orders of magnitude from 19 ha down to 10 m², for wastewater treatment in various industrial branches, for airports, villages and secluded buildings.

Economy and Ecology in Harmony...

The advantages for wastewater purification with 
BASE TECH -Reed-Beds are great.
The most important ones at a glance: 
Efficient purification:
  • The degradation of contaminants exceeds the actual legal requirements.
  • Secure operation:
  • High process stability is guaranteed by a big buffer capacity and
        biological selfregulation; 12 months a year.
  • Low running costs:
  • Little or no energy is needed for engines or electronic control

  • No chemical additives, which means no expenses for buying it and
        no pollution of environment besides.

  • No production of sewage sludge or any waste which means no disposal costs.

  • Low servicing costs through easy handling
  • Low building costs:
  • With decentral application, it is possible to use locally available materials.
  • Stable in costs:
  • From beginning of the project until longterm operation the costs     are transparent and are certain to calculate.
  • Long standing:
  • Operating time of 100  years will be reached.
  • Natural and landscape-friendly:
  • Constructed wetlands are landscaped to blend with its environment.
  • Flexible:
  • Various systems, vertical or horizontal, are available,
    depending to
    the specific demands and possibilities.


    BASE TECH - Reed-Bed
    removes almost all nutrients such as total phosphorus, total nitrogen, total sulphur and others from the effluent,
    runs nitrification and denitrification integrated into one step and thus removes ammonia and nitrate from the effluent.
    removes morbific agents effectively from the effluent.

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