Wastewater from trade and industry undergoes strict legal injunctions
and regular control by authorities.

If you are concerned with various contaminated effluents, 
BASE TECH offers you purification  systems with complex,
but reliable performances with simple operation.

BASE TECH offers you efficient solutions for effluents or partial 
effluents for

Indirect discharging into sewers
Direct discharging into recipient

BASE TECH - plants are suitable for concentrations from a
few mg/l up to over 30 000 mg COD/l and 4 000 mg nitrogen/l. They are built for effluent flows from 0,01 m³/d up to several
10 000 m³/d.


 We have experience in the following branches and fields:
Mineral oil
Textile dying and finishing
Waste disposals (dump)
Your advantages at a glance:

Effective treatment even of effluents with fluctuating flow rates and contaminant concentrations, regardless of peak loads.
Method: economically integrated buffering (e.g. for deicing fluids of airports).

Biological degradation of persistent organic compounds such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, polycyclic nitrogen or sulphur containing aromatics and others. With the BASE TECH -process they will definitively be eliminated instead of only adsorbed.

Besides dangerous water pollutants, the organic load (COD) is also degraded in this process. Which means, another treatment plant is unnecessary.
Evaporators with low running costs are applied for problematic effluents.

After detailed chemical analysis and examination of your effluents, we will develop a tailor-made cost-effective system for you.
We supply you with moduls ready for practical test operation as well as for small flow rates of effluent or partial effluent flows.
BASE TECH can provide you with a comprehensive performance system:
from the beginning of the project to the delivery of the operating plant.



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